About Us

The partners André Dias and Lucas Resende add more than 25 years of experience with import and export, both have in common the motivation to give the customer that they do not have the worry and waste of time with the import and export operations, focusing exclusively on their core business.

The idea is then born to constitute the Conexão Aduanas, an experience with full service in terms of import and export, so that our client has a focus and time in his main business.


Transform Brazilian companies!

Only 1% of Brazilian companies are importing or exporting. We believe in the rare creativity and entrepreneurial potential of the Brazilian.

Therefore, we are always looking for the best solutions and innovations to transform the companies of our Brazil into large importers and exporters.

We want our customers to grow as people and change their level businesses. Utilizamos da tecnologia e experiência para gerar oportunidades e criar histórias de sucesso.

Our Mission

Support our customers working in the field of foreign trade, with suppliers and service providers anywhere in the world, always seeking the best logistics solutions, adding value to each operation for opening new markets and business opportunities.

Values and qualities that we preserve

  • Transparency
  • Partner
  • Dedication
  • Ethical
  • Simplification
  • Current
  • Experience
  • União
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